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AQR-LS-CUL-Hayward Aqua Rite Low Salt
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Top pool salt systems in Mississauga

By visiting the Jameson pool salt systems store in Mississauga, you can avoid the hassle and cost of chlorine while enjoying water that is gentler on your body. Salt water pools are becoming a very popular alternative to pool sanitation systems involving the traditional chlorine pool. Technically, however, a salt water pool is not chlorine free. Your salt water system will automatically turn ordinary salt into chlorine, while using fewer of the harsh chemicals usually needed to keep your pool clean.

Pool salt systems store in Mississauga: why you’ll love salt water

Many people notice the smooth, rain-water feel of a salt water pool and vastly prefer it. If the smell of chlorine bothers you then you'll love having a salt water pool. Although a salt water pool initially costs more than a regular chlorine pool because of the up-front investment in the salt water system, many homeowners find they make up for the cost over the lifetime of their pool. Salt water pools provide up to 50% savings over conventional chlorine systems, proving that what might be better for you does not always cost you more! Note: ee offer free delivery on chemical orders above $200 or with a service call.

When it’s time to buy pool salt systems in Mississauga

With sensors to automatically generate and introduce more chlorine when your pool water needs it, salt systems require less maintenance, saving you time and money! As part of your regular pool maintenance routine, we recommend you measure your salt levels. This measurement will give you a more accurate salt reading, so you know exactly how much salt needs to be added to your pool water. Our team of experts is happy to conduct this test for you. Just come on down to James on Pool & Spa. Our experienced professionals would be happy to assist you in any way we can. Customer service is our passion, and salt water pools our labour of love.