Equipment Installation

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Filter Installation
  • $250.00
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Filter /  Sand Disposal
  • $75.00
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Heater Disposal
  • $75.00
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Heater Installation
  • $225.00
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Pump Installation
  • $160.00
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Salt Cell Replacement / Install
  • $130.00
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Pool equipment installation service in Mississauga

At Jameson Pool & Spa, we provide professional equipment for all of your pool installation needs. We can select and install all of your pool and spa equipment as well as offer an installation service to clients who would like to buy new equipment. Our available pool equipment includes: pool pumps, filters, chlorinators, automatic cleaners, electric heat pumps and gas, heaters, pool blankets & rollers, pipework, and much, much more. Have a specific piece of equipment in mind, but don’t happen to see it on our site? Ask us, because chances are we have it anyway. We would be happy to help you find whatever piece of equipment you’re after.

Customer satisfaction at the Jameson pool equipment installation service in Mississauga

At Jameson Pool & Spa, we have been dedicated to helping our clients make the most of their outdoor spaces since 1994—that’s close to 25 years of real life experience, and plenty of time to perfect what we do! Need some recommendations based on your budget, or some suggestions based on the look you are hoping to achieve? Our team would be happy to help make your vision a reality, and are more than equipped to do so. Try us! Come on down to your friendly neighbourhood pool equipment provider today.

Premier Mississauga pool equipment installer

The dedicated team at Jameson Pool & Spa can advise you on any and all repairs or replacements you need. Let our professional team help you with leak detection, fault finding, pipework repairs, salt chlorinator repairs, swimming pool pump repairs, as well as repairs to pool filters, chlorinators, automatic cleaners, and much more. Got a question pertaining to your unique needs or set-up? Don’t hesitate to ask us. The dedicated staff at Jameson Pool & Spa would be delighted to shed light and provide the answers you’re seeking.