Pool Closings


$345 $235 $159
Drain pool to winterizing level


Remove deck equipment/sink lights

Store solar cover (wrap w/plastic)   √
Grease deck flanges/diving board jigs   √
Skim leaves (from top of pool only)   √  √
Winterize underground plumbing lines  √  √  √
Winterize pool equipment  √  √  √
Install winter cover  √  √
Additional Features/Services
Spillover spa
(with or without additional pump)
Additional cover (clip in/safety/leaf net etc) $50.00
Waterfalls $20.00
Deck Jets $20.00
Additional deck jet/waterfall pump $10.00
Solar systems $40.00
Patching winter cover Depends on size, difficulty
& time required to repair
*A $25 discount will be applied to your FULL closing,
 if you did a FULL opening with us

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Mississauga pool closings service

Having our Mississauga pool closings service take care of your pool closing means that you won’t have to worry about taking care of this important task by yourself. In addition to the basic closing service, we can winterize your pump, filter, water skimmer, heater, and other necessary equipment to protect it from the elements all season. If needed, we can also fill the water bags and install your winter cover. Note that a $25 discount applies to your next full closing when you do a full opening with us in the same year! Got questions? Feel free to give us a call! Our dedicated staff would be more than happy to help.

Pool closings in Mississauga at Jameson Pool & spa

The professionals at Jameson pool closings company in Mississauga offer a specialized pool closing service each fall. This service includes pumping the water to a winter-appropriate level and removing water from all the lines, adding the winter kit, and removing the deck equipment, lights, and accessories. As much as you’d like to keep the pool parties going well into the fall, mother nature has other ideas. When it’s time to close your pool for the season, our professional staff can take care of the heavy lifting for you.

Jameson Pool & Spa: pool closings company in Mississauga

At Jameson Pool & Spa, we provide a wide range of services for pool closing in Mississauga. For a full list, contact our team via phone or drop by in person today. Note that we cannot legally install or remove diving board bases from the pool unless the customer can produce paper work from the manufacturer documenting that the board is certified for the specs of the pool. Only the manufacturer can certify the board for the pool. However, the base can be wrapped at your closing. Get in touch with us at Jameson Pool & Spa for any further information, or for any other inquiries!